I love color

During my trip in Budapest I did some picture because I was attracted  by the color. All shot I did, were with my Nikon D7000 geared with 35mm lens.

“I was riding the bicycle when i saw the shape of this old yellow truck. I liked!”

“This car remember me the cult movie “The love bugs” where the main attraction was an amazing racing beetle called “Herbie”.

“I was in the University area on Friday night. As usual I was backward and I saw that my friend and the pole were a really nice couple..The color married those two elements”

“As I said in another post, I spent one night in Szimpla and I was amazed how it was furnished. Both the picture shows details of the club!”

Street view of Budapest

During my trip in Budapest I also shot some street view.

“Looks like a real street but is drawn on a wall”

“I liked in this picture that everyone looks really happy even in this dramatic period”

“I like this picture even if I would like to ride off the boy in the middle”

“The statua looks gorgeous, and the movment of the water is great!”

“In this picture you can see how nice is this city. In front of Danubio there is a Parlament”

“I shooted this picture with a niokkor 135 F (old and without autofocus)”

“I like to take picture against the sun. They looks dark and give space to your imagination”

“I found this guy that was doing evolution. In this frame looks like that is climbing the sky…E.T. phone home”

Hungarian portrait

I spent three days in Budapest and I really enjoyed my trip. The houses are really nice (art nouveau) and also the people. Here you can find some shots I did with my new D7000 geared with nikkor 35mm lens.

“Amazing Couple. She’s from Persia and he’s from United States.”“Beautiful girls in front of an Irish Pub”Night life“Let’s enjoy! They are in Szimpla, a cool place in University area. The blond is from Spain and the brunette from Portugal”“She was really natural in front of the camera and I loved her smile and color hair. great!”“She was a tourist and she felt uncomfortable in front of the camera but I loved her simplicity”. 

“She is a Japanese dancer that works in the Opera. She really likes to live in Budapest”.“He’s an Italian cool boy with a big jaw”

“I liked the color of the picture, the face is half burned by the heater”