Hello everybody!

Looks like it’s been a while since the last pic was uploaded on this blog!
Well, apparently Distax got pretty busy in the last couple of years, moving around the world chasing what Chris McCandless called the “20th century invention”. Or maybe not. I may be wrong. He might have been busy trying to keep up with love which in this case has the beauty, the joy of living, the sweetness and the carioca accent of Beta.

Before introducing myself, let me thank Distax for giving me the chance to upload my pics on his blog and Beta for her incredible enthusiasm over motivating us to keep up to date this blog.

I took this picture while on a road trip to Baja California Sur. It was august and even if it was about to get dark, the temperature was still high (well over 30°C). I was driving on the Ruta 1 when I noticed this beautiful orange atmosphere over the desert and cactuses.

I was almost forgetting… About myself. I am not a photographer. I am just a guy that takes photos around and would like to share them with you and maybe get feedbacks/thoughts/whatever.

See ya!


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