Hungarian portrait

I spent three days in Budapest and I really enjoyed my trip. The houses are really nice (art nouveau) and also the people. Here you can find some shots I did with my new D7000 geared with nikkor 35mm lens.

“Amazing Couple. She’s from Persia and he’s from United States.”“Beautiful girls in front of an Irish Pub”Night life“Let’s enjoy! They are in Szimpla, a cool place in University area. The blond is from Spain and the brunette from Portugal”“She was really natural in front of the camera and I loved her smile and color hair. great!”“She was a tourist and she felt uncomfortable in front of the camera but I loved her simplicity”. 

“She is a Japanese dancer that works in the Opera. She really likes to live in Budapest”.“He’s an Italian cool boy with a big jaw”

“I liked the color of the picture, the face is half burned by the heater”

2 thoughts on “Hungarian portrait

  1. BRAVO!
    You are able to discover the inner side of people and things, and transmit warm emotions.
    Continue like this.

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